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Meng Leong Development Pte Ltd

Meng Leong Development Pte. Ltd, was started in 1973 when after 20 years in the construction industry first as a steel works subcontractor in the 1950s and later a main contractor, the founder decided to venture into property development.

Specializing in small to midsized landed developments, its numerous projects are developed only on freehold land and mostly located in the eastern part of the country as the owners are easterners born and bred who love that part of the country. In 1994, Chye Wah Sennett Pte.Ltd. was incorporated to take over most of its new development projects with the parent company Meng Leong operating mainly as a holdings company for its leasing operations as well as its overseas ventures in Australia and China. Today, Chye Wah Sennett follows Meng Leong’s operadi modus and continues as a niche player in the development of freehold landed property in the eastern part of the country, utilizing its past knowledge of home owners’ needs in this specialized market to deliver quality housing to its customers.